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Aqua Urban Spa: Balneoterapia exclusive

Humans are creatures of water, our creation is formed in a liquid environment for centuries man has been fascinated by the sea, and our settlements and towns have formed near the shores of lakes and rivers. It is normal that in the XXI century humans have the need to further related to water purification, healing and relaxing element. Balneotherapy is known by many as the required disconnect every so often must do to return to the comfort of our origins.

In the middle of the city of Barcelona, is a small haven of peace and disconnection that is frequented by neighbors Barri de Gràcia or customers of the closest hotels, as in the case of foreigners staying at the Hotel Fuster. The experiences are linked to being addictive and in the case of Aqua Urban Spa unique, since if there is something amazing and like most, is to keep our fragile protected intimacy of strangers.

The spa is reserved only for you and for the full duration of the thermal circuit, the staff offer a personal service with the best features for each: face, body, relaxation treatments, manual therapy, aromatherapy or spa service. Director Valerie Le Mao when it was clear in 2002 opened this urban spa, quality and excellence should be present in the service. This protocol ensures that Sothys Paris, in London as a spa in one of Tokyo, one gets the same treatment was used. I already said that? Was addictive?

Welfare Road (thermal circuit of 90 minutes)
Ready to relax and have a chance to do it alone, I started to live the pleasant experience. After provide you a bathrobe, walk into the locker room, there you wear your bathing suit and flip-flops, you keep your valuables in a locker and you take a shower to begin the individualized thermal circuit. There are several hangers can leave your bathrobe and towel provided you 're entering different rooms in an order that the staff will tell.

First step: Roman Baths
We started with a little heat "dry" to trigger sweating and removing impurities. The temperature to be customized not pushy and is ideal for relaxing. The atmosphere also helps to stimulate circulation and oxygenate curiously. When time expires a nice girl will warn you to step outside.

Second step: Circular shower with essences
Different water jets at different heights and temperature, go actuated from the ankles to the head, alternating hot and cold water, and get a stimulation massage mode but high revitalizing effect, especially when the drop of cold water you down the back! Incredible jump I hit, OMG.

Third step: Turkish Bath
One of my favorites! For all the memories linked to the hammam and saunas of the countries I have visited. The Turkish bath is a room where the water vapor and heat are the protagonists. Unlike the Roman Terma here is hot and humid but the temperature is lower than in the Finnish Sauna. It is a moment of relaxation since as in the Roman Thermae, the room has a bench to sit or lie on your towel. Again, everything is designed to forget the clock, try not to overwhelm your thoughts and leaves it to the staff that Urban Spa Aqua notify you ;-) .

Step Four: Footbath
The Footbath this urban spa consists of a path of boulders, where you walk barefoot, while you receive a session on jets of water from the feet to the thighs. Again highlight its benefits into the bloodstream through the alternation of pressure and temperature.

Fifth step: therapy pool with jets
Surely what we were expecting. Privately enjoy the different areas of the pool from the seat of bubbles, water jets for cervical and lumbar, or waterbed. Unquestionably the power and magic of water, time is stopped while the bubbling wraps all the pores of our skin. The atmosphere at half light candles space and a blue light under water invites delight with those hundreds of tiny bubbles tickling looking healthy and much needed pampering. The atmosphere is careful detail, relaxing music, aromas and privacy to float out of Aqua Urban Spa.

Finally Francesc or professional team will offer a fresh fruit juice to help our body in the recovery process and activate it again for the world that awaits us out there. There is nothing to protect us from the harsh environment in which we live, but our best is, take care of our body and our mind especially with these little pockets of health that I recommend trying occasionally.

More information: Address: Gran de Gràcia 7, 08012 Barcelona. Phone: 93 238 41 60. Hours: Monday through Friday from 9 to 21:30 and Saturdays from 9:30 to 20:30. Transport: Metro line 3 and line 5 Diagonal stop. Price: there are different rates depending on the service, see the offers are very interesting, thermal circuit for 19 €. Web: Aqua Urban Spa


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