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Aqua Urban Spa: Balneoterapia exclusive

Humans are creatures of water, our creation is formed in a liquid environment for centuries man has been fascinated by the sea, and our settlements and towns have formed near the shores of lakes and rivers. It is normal that in the XXI century humans have the need to further related to water purification, healing and relaxing element. Balneotherapy is known by many as the required disconnect every so often must do to return to the comfort of our origins. In the middle of the city of Barcelona, is a small haven of peace and disconnection that is frequented by neighbors Barri de Gràcia or customers of the closest hotels, as in the case of foreigners staying at the Hotel Fuster. The experiences are linked to being addictive and in the case of Aqua Urban Spa unique, since if there is something amazing and like most, is to keep our fragile protected intimacy of strangers. The spa is reserved only for you and for the full duration of the thermal circuit , the staff offer a pe